Dear Creatives

Dear creatives, the algorithm makes it harder than ever for work to get recognised, while some of us can find way temporary fixes for this, there is no hiding the fact that the algorithm favours the rich. I’ve seen this same algorithm hinder peoples creativity, I’ve watched it make people compete against each other and incite hatred against one another.

This is not what creativity is about, creativity comes from a very special place, it will keep on flowing if you nurture it correctly. Nurture it to grow, feed it so it can grow and inspire those around you. Let it breathe, take the necessary breaks when needed and come back 10x stronger.

I remember reading several articles on How To Beat The Algorithm, however each one put quantity before quality and as a creative I know how exhausting this can be. I truly believe that if you’re really good, you will attract an audience far wider and far bigger than social media could ever provide. I believe that ten thousand hours on your craft will leave a larger legacy that lasts for centuries instead of decades.

I remember spending a lot of my time trying to crack this algorithm trying to get my work seen. This took a toll on the work itself in hindsight the work produced was not up to my standard, I wasn’t moving forward in terms of quality; I stuck with something that worked and made sure I posted everyday. While this got me the views and followers I wanted, it slowed down the quality by a country mile. 

I remember taking a step back and rethinking my whole strategy in terms of what I publish online or otherwise. While some may argue that uploading content is beneficial in terms of audience numbers, I personally can’t do it anymore. I’m putting the quality first. In my writing, in my imagery. In whatever I create. Right now it feels like there’s 100x everything, there may always be saturation, but this is why being great truly matters.

New Strategy: Put in the hours to be f*cking great

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