How To Be A Minimalist

Before I begin, this post was inspired by the plethora of questions I received on Instagram asking how and where to start? 

While minimalism can mean a lot of different things to everyone for me it means, letting go. Letting go of all the strings that I applied onto myself and letting go of the materials I once thought I could not live without. From wardrobe to desk I asked myself, what adds value? And what doesn’t? I remember having so many shirts and jackets, all stuff I didn’t need but kept anyway. You eventually get to a point where you have to step back and say "Ok shit. This is a lot of stuff, Why do I own this much?" 

Benefits of minimalism.

For me I instantly started to feel very liberated, and a lot more connected to myself in general. I started to consciously ask myself about a lot more of my decisions, is this me or am I impulsively doing x, y, and z? After purging the physical stuff you'll eventually learn how to purge the mental stuff. All the unnecessary clutter of the mind starts to get purged because of this principle you’ve applied in the physical world. 

Where to start? 

You have to remember that it's a journey, a marathon not a sprint. I advise people to start from their closet because clothes is generally what we have the most of. So little by little ask the question; do I wear this often, or do I wear it once a year? If the latter is the answer then it means it can be purged because it probably doesn’t add much value to your life. So go ahead and give away to a charity of your choice. 

Remember its not a race to get rid of all your stuff its more about taking your time and consciously asking yourself about the value it brings. It took me about a full year to get to a stage where everything I own serves a purpose in my life.

For clothes I kind of define them in two, a winter collection and a summer collection. It gets pretty cold in the north of England so a strong winter collection was needed (I actually wish I could roll up in a white tee everyday). 

After clothes I went through all my other stuff which included; gadgets and gizmos etc. It turned out the majority of them were impulse buys. They weren't needed and didn't add value to my life. So I purged them, my overall goal is to have everything fit into a small carry on. And they do. :)


I'm not against memorabilia but they can be an excuse to hoard things, I believe in keeping memories inside the person and not in objects. I started to see myself always looking back at the memory and pondering on the good times instead of calling the person up and being proactive to make more great memories.

I wish you all the best on your journey. And hope you gain the benefits of minimalism. I hope I've covered enough in this article but if I haven't please let me know. Remember to go slow, its the only way. If you think you know someone who may benefit from this post, please share it with them. Thank you.

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