How to Gain Confidence

We all have those ideas that we wish to get out into the world, from books to any given art form, we sometimes feel like we can contribute, or rather feel that our idea can excel the world in some shape or form. Executing things can take a lot of courage, a lot. Is your thing good enough? Does it have to be good enough? Is the message loud and clear? All of these questions may pop into our head from time to time. 

Whether in business life or personal life, I’ve experienced lack of self-confidence or lack of self-belief from time to time. It’s something we must all overcome. Will we sit comfortable in our shells, or break free and shift the plates of the earth as we express ourselves? For me it’s a choice. Am I allowing my lack of self belief get the better of me? Or am I going to power through, and escape this madness. Power through and display my worthy. Do what’s necessary in order to achieve my set goals.

I’ve found that its good to be impulsive, if an idea is in your head, don’t question it, execute there and then, produce samples. Get it out of your head onto paper and see if it has the chance to work. This is where being impulsive can help us for the better. If you need to leap in that moment, leap. The more you overthink the slimmer your chances of success become. 

Another thing I do is watch my favourite people speak, publicly. Whether its through TED talks or through YouTube, you will watch how they appear to be, how their mannerisms play a part, how little things like their body language help them get a certain point across. The idea is not to mimic but have a concept on how the fundamentals play a part in confidence and then to develop your own style from there on. 

Boost yourself. This sometimes works for me, I’ll boost myself in the moment and let myself know that I am worthy of A, B, and C and then I’ll get up and do. I’ll remind myself of a time I didn’t take the leap and how I regretted it. How I couldn’t stop thinking what would have been if I took the leap. Life is too short not to take the leap, investments can go bad, sometimes leaping can go wrong but leap nonetheless. If there’s a small percent that it can go right, go for it. We may sometimes feel, inadequate or not worthy, but thats all bullsh*t, I promise you! That’s your comfort zone telling you not to leap. You're worth all of it.

Self-confidence is something we must all work on, it can act as a muscle and can take years to develop into where you desire it to be. But once you’re there and you’re leaping on decisions daily, only great things can and will happen. Bravery incites opportunity. And the more brave we are the more we can achieve. It truly is as simple as that. 

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