I've failed

And have been failing ever since I can remember, and let me tell you something, its ok, and it always will be. Failure is entirely and utterly a part of the process, your journey. Course corrections will happen all the time. Somedays you'll fail in business, you will let people down, but its ok.

Other days you'll fail in your personal life, where you may even let yourself down, but you guessed it, that's ok too.

Fail harder, fail the hardest, failures have only proven one thing, and to me its that they're a shortcut to learning, one failure could teach you what six books could not. I recently had an interview with an online magazine and was called "successful", I forced myself to ponder on this for a few moments as that word meant something else to me, and the interviewer wasn't aware of how many times I've failed to get to the point I am now. Never be afraid of failing, talk about them, heck, celebrate them, because what has been gained is immensely valuable.

As we drift through this life, we commonly forget just how young we are, we are expected to have our lives in check by the age of 25 which is complete bullshi*t - some people learn lessons at the age of sixty, while others may have discovered the same thing at the age of sixteen. Through the internet, we're only exposed to successes, know that all successes come at a cost, be it internal or external a sacrifice must be made. It's best not to get caught up in a web of victories.

"Lower your gaze, look down, into your soul."

- Excerpt from Book Three

We are constantly evolving, trying new things, taking risks, immersing ourselves in what we love, in who we love. Leaping to and from what displeases us, it takes time to learn ourselves, to be ok with what our soul dances with, it takes a risk and while we risk failure can also be a by-product of this, but it doesn't mean not to risk, gamble away.

Ramadan, Book Three and A Novel

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