How To Achieve Your Goals


One thing I make sure I always do is to simplify my list, and be totally honest with the amount I want to achieve. And then I choose the the primary goals that are achievable and keep them in my mind at all times, I’ll remind myself of them each morning. Its sometimes good to be reminded of what you’re working towards, and try to keep things realistic. This will keep the motivation levels up which incites productivity. 

Wishful thinking. 

Your list being written on paper is not enough, for each goal you need a plan. It can be a brief one at least but make sure you’ve got something that has steps towards your final goals. Wishful thinking is human kinds’s downfall. We can waste hours thinking of all we want to achieve without moving a limb, the human brain can get addicted to wishful thinking, but reality will hit you and separate the doers from the talkers. Be a doer.

Focus is key.

Weekly plans are fine but when it comes to focussing down, focus on the now, on today. Keep the bigger picture in mind but for systems to be put into place it will take more than just wanting it / picturing it. For example, lets say you want to run 30k in 3 months time but at the moment you can only run 10, when you wake up in the morning of each day you’ve got to remind yourself what you’re working towards. The 30k will come but it will take time. And when you think you’re not making progress thats exactly when you are, your brain is conditioning itself first and then your body will soon follow.  

I wish you all the best and hope we all stay focussed on what we want to achieve. If you think this post can be meaningful to someone else please do share. Thank you for reading. 

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