How to Avoid Burnout

Sometimes we take pride in achieving certain things as quickly as possible. When an idea strikes in our mind, we want to publish it as quickly as possible. When we write down our list of tasks for the week, we feel the need to complete them as soon as possible. This can result in something I call ‘The Burnout’. This is where we dive into the deep-end too quickly thinking we can swim, not knowing the repercussions. We can burn out quicker than expected, get fatigued because we tried running before knowing how to walk. 

I remember having a list of goals I wanted to achieve; I tried completing them all in one day, after the first few hours of that day, I remember feeling overwhelmed with everything, with all of it. I took a step back and changed my strategy. I went slow. 

“Baby steps, little sips, the slow burn.”

Patience is vital; ask any power lifter if they can lift the same amount today than they did last year? The answer from the majority would be a confident ‘No’. They understand the value behind patience, and what it leads to. We have to always think about the long run, and plan accordingly. 

The energy in the moment can feel incredible; the trick is to hold onto this energy and exhale it throughout a period of time, each day, making sure you’re getting to closer and closer to the set goal. When it comes to development of the mind or body, going slow is the best step to take. It's a journey, it always will be. Where you are today is not where you’ll be tomorrow, so enjoy them baby steps; each one contributes to the bigger picture. It starts to become a test of how patient and consistent you can actually be.

Another thing I’ve found is that the details may sometimes be compromised if we don’t go slow. Not to sound cliché, but the smallest details make the biggest difference in every aspect. If the repetitions are rushed, we can compromise the end goal. If the poem isn’t finessed, then its impact may be hindered. Remember, its all in your time, your pace and more importantly your way. 

By going slow, we can be attentive to those details resulting in a more finer end product - a special body of work. 

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