Introducing Leaf Publishing House

I recently announced something over on my Instagram, it’s called Leaf Publishing, simply put its an independent publishing house for new and old authors, a platform made for those who want their work out there but not sure on where to go or how to do it.

I remember scribbling down the idea in my notepad late last year, I was in the midst of editing book two so I never really gave it any thought, I knew it was something but never knew what to make of it. How do I go about launching something like this, are people going to want to trust me to handle their passion projects? To my delight it was incredible to see the response and all the plethora of authors eager to work with us.

After slowly getting the word around through Instagram DM, I managed to acquire a dozen interested writers, people who had an idea, a book written but with no place to take it. With people willing to take the plunge, I had to put together a team.

A team willing to work with me alongside the author. Doing interviews for editors / designers was definitely daunting. I actually didn’t know where to start, I wanted to incorporate my designer / illustrator friends in my network already. This was a good place to start, as the ice was already broken it was definitely easy to get my point across in what I required from them.

After the team was assembled (I couldn’t help myself) I had to think about the logistics, the plan, the reason this was all going to work. For me, it’s about a platform where I can help publish peoples passion projects. Their words, in front of the whole world. I talked a lot with my partners in regards to royalties, and expressed why we don’t take any, if the author pays the fee for design and editing, then our work has been done, we need not own the work.

Not sure how this business model will age, but I’m positive it’s the right thing to do.

You can learn more about Leaf Publishing House here

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