The Cure for Mental Blocks

This has been the most requested post over on my Instagram, how to cure certain mental blocks and continue to perform admirably. Many thoughts came to mind when thinking about the topics that I wanted to touch on in this post; I wanted to create something more practical which you guys can truly benefit from and I hope that comes across. 


One of the first and most important steps is realising that there is a mental blockade stopping us from functioning normally; it can be triggered by many things. Only we truly know our triggers. Once we’ve identified each one, the next step is to act, and act fast. Being passive can be an absolute addiction. Not helping our own selves is the first step to despair. Knowing that we’re in a bad place and binging on Netflix shows will send you down a dark path (honestly, truly). 

Being passive is a no. We must act; we must be proactive. Forming a life plan that allows us to do the things we love, with the people we love. Strategising, and then each day working towards that plan. 

“the world is as dark as we choose to make it” 

If we’re in a bad place, we have to accept that it was our indefinite actions that got us there, whether we like it or not. I honestly believe that we are accountable for the results, but the good news is that it also works for the positive outcomes. Which means we can formulate a strategy which brings us everything we need plus more.

Once we work on this plan, each day, once you become relentless in your own plan. That is when things begin to change, that is when the universe falls to your feet, because YOU literally make things go your way. 

“when you start thinking you’re not good enough, that’s when the door closes.”

It won’t be easy. Consistency will be required. You have to go in with the same amount as ferocity as day one. 

Till next time, Adil.

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