So something great happened the other day, my doorbell rang, I wasn’t expecting anyone and to my delight I was greeted with one of my friends. From nowhere, no call or text before hand just a doorbell. Knocking my expectations widely out the window. The following night had me thinking on spontaneous events / activities and why they’re so amazing. Maybe its because there’s no planning before hand, its just a get up and do type mentality which possibly triggers something in the reward centres of our brains, a type of going out and doing / getting what we desire in that small amount of time.

Possibly 30 or so years ago, I'm assuming people would have just got up and done things without really overthinking, maybe lack of communication was a helping hand towards that. If they were to plan an event you’d be given a time or date, be there or not. a straight yes or no, this oversimplification we indulge in nowadays maybe complicates things a little too much, allowing us to overthink on decisions which should be either a simple yes or no… 

There's something great in getting up and just doing instead of planning beforehand, sometimes we may overthink and end up not doing said activity but on the one time we do, it turns out to be something great. So go do something completely spontaneous, book a flight somewhere, walk through that place you've never walked through, and order that drink. Just do it, on a whim. 

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