There’s beauty in silence. 

Since I was a little boy I’ve always been ‘the quiet guy’ I’m not sure why, but I believe its because I’m consciously observing. observing emotions, actions and words. there's something beautiful in speaking less. I've noticed the biggest mistakes being made by those who can't control their tongue. Recently I’ve been making it a motive to try and always show before telling.

For example, show someone progress / the final product instead of telling them what I’ve done. simply listening to others can be a blessing too, I always stick to the 2:1 ratio (2 ears and 1 tongue) therefore listening twice as much as we speak. Also, being comfortable with silence can be jarring at first but once you get used to it, it is surely another blessing, it's a way of communicating without using your tongue. Silences aren't awkward, they're amazing. So be silent and breathe. 

MindfulnessAdil Dad