What I Learnt in 2017

2017 for me was an awesome year and taught me a fair share of things, I’d like to now share them with you guys with the hope that you can benefit from them too.


I learnt that in order to triple our wealth we need to double our reading but for me it worked a little differently, by wealth it was more mental / spiritual wealth. There are a thousand of books out there with decades of knowledge, I learnt the value of books and started to value a book over a Netflix show. This isn’t easy to do at first but if you weigh the value side by side you’ll know which one benefits you more and start to make a conscious choice towards it. 


I learnt that nothing comes quickly and that if it does come quick its probably not worth having. I learnt the beauty in the process, I learnt that the steps I take today benefit the outcome of the next decade for me. I learnt to paint a larger picture in my head and always refer back to it like a blueprint whenever I felt off balance or out of focus. 


Last year I learnt the merit of being truly grateful by keeping a gratitude journal with me and writing down everything I took for granted, from my eggs in the morning to the endless running faucets of water lying around in the house. Sometimes we need nothing but to look under our own noses, we’ve got everything we need + a little more. 


I learnt the importance of this, how to be conscious of you, in terms of what goes in the body, whether its through the eyes or mouth, I ask myself is it healthy and beneficial? If it is, I let it in. If not, it stays out. I also learnt that sleep is an important part to our overall wellbeing and is usually the alternating factor to how the day pans out. I learnt how to beat lethargy and how to channel my energy to always stay positive.


I learnt that failures are absolutely everything, I want to fail more I want to fail harder in 2018. Failures are like a shortcut to learning a mass amount of knowledge, risks become exciting, you’ll never think what if, you’ll just do and know that you won’t fear because ultimately you’ll learn things you never thought you would.


Time is our most valuable asset, and if we can invest our time into the right craft and the right people its a sure fire way to be on the winning track. For me my time goes into my writing and distribution of ‘Pick Me Up’ as its my baby it needs attending to (and needs me to be up on the odd few nights). And then to the people in my life, and then of course, the journey.

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