Adverts are poisonous. 

The average user consumes up to 5000 adverts a day. The truth behind adverts isn’t a pleasant one, to be constantly told how to live and how to be is something I’ve been thinking about for a while now, and over a certain amount of time it can have a negative effect on our mental health. So many adverts can play on our emotions, our insecurities. Its truly saddening to sit and think that companies profit from our insecurities. They tell us to buy things because our old one is inferior. They tell us we need things that we actually don’t need. 

Social Media.

With the internet, adverts have become maximised, and almost everything is an advert. All the popular social media platforms today are advert platforms more than anything. They don’t add value to our lives as much as they flood our lives with adverts. We can’t watch a YouTube video without watching an advert and once we actually start watching the video we realise that the video is an advert for another product / service. Even the films we watch contain so many subtle product placements, 5 minutes in and the lead character will be drinking a certain drink. 

Spend a day without them. 

Since I’ve cut out adverts from my life, I’ve noticed a shift in my mood / emotions. Some adverts create urgency such as ‘BUY NOW’ or ‘GET IT QUICKLY’. Possibly the easiest way to get people to impulse buy, is to create urgency. A way to battle adverts is to install AdBlock or something similar onto your personal computers. So spend a day without them and let me know how you feel.

Ads tell us we need things, creating a subtle worry in our subconscious, which leads to certain anxieties. You may feel uneasy thinking that you need to make X amount of money, in a certain time to afford the certain things. In life we don’t need things, we just need to be us, ourselves. We need to be human.


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