What the heck is this?

So whenever I'm stressed or under some form of pressure I tend to run my fingers through my hair in a strenuous motion. So it was one morning while I was working on a university project when I was under a lot of pressure I began running my fingers through my hair, it then hit me when I thought to myself "imagine how this would look translated onto paper?". I then began visualising this in my head. Firstly, the colours would be important as they have to convey the message of stress and immense pressure, I kept the canvas medium grey, for the strokes I was stuck between black or red. Both would convey the message well I just had to decide on which one. I settled for mixing a bright red with a touch of black. The outcome was a luscious red.

Sequence 01.Still001

"This world is but a canvas to our imagination."

- Henry David Thoreau.

It took me a while to find a grey I was happy with, I went to my nearest art store but couldn't find the correct one. I found the correct one from Amazon and once it arrived I got cracking with the project. I'm a fan of the sprayed effect onpaper because it makes the paper much more versatile when applying another medium on top of it. If I had painted it grey with regular paints and then used my hands to make the marks I most likely would have taken the grey paint off with my fingers.

[stag_video src=""]

All in all this experiment took me a few hours. I would love to hear your opinion on it, so please leave a comment down below. There you have it, a short art experiment by me. I wish to indulge in more art projects soon. If something comes to mind I'll make sure to blog and film it.

Thank you. Till next time, Adil.