Challenge Yourself

Human growth is pinnacle to our wellbeing, and embracing change is one of the best things to happen in life, but how, how do we grow? We grow by challenging ourselves, forcefully putting ourselves out of our comfort zones and trying to breathe without them. 

As humans we need to be constantly challenging ourselves whether inside of work or out, no day should be the same, try something new. Try going without that one thing you rely on throughout the day, explore a city without google maps, take the stabilisers off, allow yourself to breathe. 

Remember that time you felt truly alive, its because you were challenging yourself, forcing yourself to experience new endeavours head first. The next time you’re in a queue full of people, put your phone away, converse with new souls and learn. Learning new things is a way of growing, you'll find a way to interpret a new skill into your life whether consciously or subconsciously its a positive. Be willing to accept change and short term discomfort, for long term growth.

ProductivityAdil Dad