As humans we’re born to communicate with each other, whether its through sign language with our hands or constructing words with our tongues. When we’re passionate about something we can’t wait to tell a family member or spouse but why doesn’t the same stand for when we’re feeling low?

People are here for people. If we feel a certain way, it helps to go to your favourite and seek assistance. There is a way we can help the ones that need someone to talk to and thats by being approachable, we need to greet our peers with a smile and let them know that its ok for them to talk (without saying it). It sounds almost impossible once I read that back but I assure you it isn’t. 

Lastly, letting things out in the wrong places can be a mistake, places such as social media aren’t the best places to let things out. It’s like being in the middle of a room surrounded by black mirrors and being forced to watch the screens turn off while you let things out (a superficial solution). Remember, 1-to-1 coffee sessions work the best. 

Be there for people and people will be there for you.

MindfulnessAdil Dad