I guess this is another one of my interior design posts, this time I'm touching on the home cinema side of things. Who doesn't love a good home cinema? Yes they could cost a fortune but lets dream right, I think of it as motivation to be successful in life. It's not all about big screens and surround sound, it's to do with the execution and the amount of junk food you can store. :)  What makes a good home cinema space? Well firstly I would have to say that it needs a good comfy seat something you can relax on for hours on end while marathoning Game of Thrones and the LOTR trilogy. I also love it when they contain multiple seats so that you can call friends over for midnight gaming sessions. Also a mini fridge for all them iced coffees :P Below I have curated some of my favourite home cinema spaces I have found. I plan on having a cinema space in my future home and use the pictures below to inspire me.

In my opinion when it comes to design Bang & Olufsen win the home cinema race by a milestone, surely the best designed spaces, I'm always in awe every time they release a product, here's two of my favourite setups from them. Superb design but very very pricy, oh well lets just have a look anyway.

IMG_0201 IMG_0199

I plan on putting together my own home cinema space once I finally have my own place till then I hope you enjoyed this post.

Thank you, Till next time, Adil. :)