Instrmnt. Minimal. high quality.

A few months back I came across a brand called Instrmntif you've never heard of them before they specialise in creating minimal, high quality watches and from my first glance, I fell in love. I happened to be travelling to Glasgow one day for a meeting and discovered that the Instrmnt Store was actually based here. I was super excited to visit and got to spend a few hours there, marvelling over the watches and carefully chosen interior pieces.

The Watch.

The watch comes in four different variations; a rose gold casing , an all black casing, a silver casing and a gun metal casing. Each watch is Swiss made and includes a high quality leather strap which is manufactured in Germany. The watches pair Swiss components with a simple design. I, personally went with the all black version, in my opinion it is much more subtle than the rest and represents me very well. I wear mine everyday and as I transitioned into the minimalist I am today, the Instrmnt watch perfectly compliments each one of my outfits. As cliche as this may sound it truly is a timeless piece.

The Store.

I had seen images of the Instrmnt store pop in and out of my social feeds, it seemed very unreal, sort of like a render of something to come. I had no idea this was something real and accessible in Glasgow. I had the pleasure to visit the store and while I was there I did not shy away in taking pictures. Instrmnt stocks other items than the watches, e.g. pens, chocolates, clothes and magazines. Each interior piece is carefully chosen from a HAY table to the custom built sofa bed. If you ever find yourself in Glasgow I definitely recommend checking Instrmnt out, you will be blown away no doubt. If you don't see yourself in that part of the world be sure to check out their site...