While strolling the web I recently came across something which definitely grabbed my attention and although it may not appeal to most people, I present to you: The Living Cube. The Living Cube is a personal living cube which allows you to store all your essentials and daily needs, designed by Till Könneker and constructed by Remo Zimmerli (Holzlabor) and Darren Green (The Old Wood Co.) The Living Cube is a multifunctional piece of furniture for minimalist living.

 The Living Cube holds everything from your TV, shelves for all your 100's of books, clothing space, office space, a compartment for your skateboard and bike and a comfy queen size bed at the top for you or a lucky guest. The Living Cube is available in two sizes, a mini cube and an urban cube, the urban cube starts at $5500 and comes with a lot more space compared to the mini cube which starts at $3200 and is significantly smaller.

"Born out of a personal need to address a challenging living situation (lack of storage, limited space), Living Cube is both efficient and sleek — a genuinely inspired marriage of form and function". I really think the designer has come up with something really unique here and has executed it perfectly. I would love to get my hands on one of these, maybe once I have an apartment of my own.

The Living Cube can be customised to fit your daily needs, for example you can add certain elements such as a bookshelf or desk, of course this adds to the overall pricing but if you're going to buy this in the first place I would recommend you get it assembled to your need. Constructed in Bern, Switzerland, The Living Cube is completely handcrafted definitely a must have for someone like myself, who loves having everything organised an in one place. Take a look at the stunning gallery below. (Photography by Rob Lewis)

I really love how The Living Cube has a rail for clothes on the exterior, it would be ideal for me to keep all my outerwear on there ready to go and perhaps my main wardrobe inside the cube itself. If you're up for purchasing one of these or just want to know a little bit more you can check out their website www.livingcube-furniture.com.

Maybe one day I'll have the funds to own one of these myself, who knows? Till then thanks for reading. Till next time, Adil. :)