Digital Declutter

After decluttering in reality there's also another aspect of our lives that can do with a declutter, and thats our digital lives. Some may argue that our digital lives are way more cluttered than our real lives, the amount of social media junk, unnecessary emails we hoard down to the wide range of apps we have installed. The aim is to declutter your digital devices so you don't find yourself wasting valuable time. This post will contain a few pointers in order to declutter the digital life, think of it like a spring clean. 

First of all something which always bothers me is unwanted items on the desktop page on my laptop, I’m not sure about you guys but this really annoys me and I try my best to keep it clean. Another thing to clean up are the files on your mac, I try and make sure each file has its place therefore making things easier to locate and this also makes for a smooth work experience.

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When I had a phone I’d make sure i’d only keep the apps that I find bring value to my life, although I do recall having quite a few apps, I also recall cleaning up my app pages constantly, I wasn’t a fan of everything everywhere. Another thing to take note on is social media and the people you follow, for me it comes down to following the accounts I only gain value from, the rest weren’t needed. Emails are also a good thing to clear out, make sure you’re archiving just to save space and it also helps when trying to look for that important email.

I also find myself hoarding a lot of bookmarks that aren't needed or outdated, this isn't necessary as I'm not sure many people use bookmarks anymore, I know I don't. But I've still got many things saved. 

If you're not set on doing everything at once, take at least 10 minutes out of your day just to declutter, enjoy! 

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