The truth is at some point in our lives we’ve all envied someone, and envy is no good thing. If we identify the problem then we’re halfway there to eradicating it out of our lives. Sometimes we may see someone, with something we want or have been wanting for a long-time, and there, in this moment we feel a sense of "oh, why don’t I have this certain thing". A feeling of perhaps reflection combined with instant anxiety, but the trick is as soon as we feel this feeling we have to literally cut the head off the snake and snap out of this phase. We've got to flip our mindset. We have got to insert happiness, happy that another human has that thing we've wanted for a while now. Remember that we are on the same journey, so put down the staff of envy and be glad that another person found what they were looking for. 

Envy is a shortcut to poisoning the heart, we have to remind ourselves that we have exactly what we need. In this moment we have absolutely everything. The impulse to want something can be eradicated, and should rightfully be.

MindfulnessAdil Dad