The Art of Essentialism II

Essentialism Revisited.

Back in January I wrote about how shrinking down our belongings can have a positive effect on the mind, and how spending time on the things that matter the most rather than lots of invaluable things helps too. I talked about how I'd like all my belongings to fit into a small carry on, back in January I had been caught up in so many different things, working a full time office job, writing my book and forcing myself to blog every now and then, this essentialism mindset had only been applied to a limited extent, I still owned dozens of garments, I was caught up in the constant loop of trying to keep up with the latest trend. My road to essentialism has not been fully formed.


I opened my wardrobe, had a long look at the several brands, different types of shirts, coats, trousers and shoes I owned. This was all a little excessive, there was no way to justify it, so I asked myself, what do I enjoy wearing the most, it came down to a pair of black trousers and a white shirt. So I found myself the perfect fitting black trousers and the perfect white shirt, both from a great little Scandinavian store called COS. I chose COS not only because of the fitting but because they have an ethos I can stand behind, they create a modern and functional design. Their store spaces are architecturally considerate as they preserve the buildings' original features.

"Each year a new iteration, my current one depresses me. It’s an ongoing ladder and each step I take feeds the other me. Each season a new check list, each day a new trend. Each one adds a new veil, when does it end?"

Excerpt from Pick Me Up.

I knew that I couldn't be in a white shirt and black trousers while at home, so I needed a lounge outfit, it only felt appropriate to stick with the same monochrome theme so I went with a basic white T-shirt from H&M (a sister company to COS by the way) and basic black joggers, also from H&M. The third and final outfit is very much the same as I use the H&M joggers, but paired them with a basic black jumper from COS. Did someone say shoes? For when I just 'pop to the shop' I have some leather sandals from H&M, these are super casual and comfortable when just going for a stroll / to the beach. For a stroll into town I got myself some white sneakers from COS, these are also super comfortable and easy to slip on, as I have many white garments I will be doing a garment care post on how to keep things clean and preserve them for a long time, as of course I will be wanting to preserve my garments for a long time. Lastly, I got some monk straps from COS to pair with my shirt and trousers for the special occasions.

You can look at these outfits as my own personal uniform, I wanted to write this post after I had a few weeks experience wearing the same outfits, and I have to say it just makes things super efficient, I can happily say I have simplified my life down, I can wake up and know already what I'm going to be wearing, if its a meeting the shirt, if I'm seeing friends / family the jumper and if I'm lounging, the white t-shirt.

The Art of Self Sufficiency

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