Do you ever feel a slight unease inside you after an argument with a friend or loved one? A little fire inside you that seems impossible to put out, well it can be put out, and thats with forgiveness. A simple, I’m sorry can go a long way.

Sometimes we may overstep, and its natural for us to say things in the moment when we’re riled up. What tends to happen is what I call ‘The Repeat’ and this is where our subconscious plays this moment back to us, on repeat. And it can get quite annoying after a while, to be constantly reminded of the mishap. 

This is where forgiveness comes handy. Ask it from everyone, constantly. Unknowingly we may have said something which upset a peer but we could never know it (the thought of this is worrying). On the flip-side someone may have said something to us but they may not have rendered it as offensive but its ok, forgive.

Forgive, especially when its hardest to.

MindfulnessAdil Dad