Iceland has been on the bucket list for a very long time, with its plethora of waterfalls, boiling geysers and its infamous black sand beach, I couldn't wait to be in such a place. Alien is the only word I can think of when describing Iceland. You will definitely feel like you're on another planet, a cold lonely desolate world. The whole island has around 300,000 people (and 700,000 sheep). I travelled for a period of 5 days and each morning I explored the vast island till around 9pm when I would go back to my warm hotel room located in the capital, Reykjavik.

With it being the end of January the island was possibly at its coldest but in a whole day you can see hail, snow and sun. The weather is always cold but also very unpredictable. This is not at all a problem as long as you stay smart and wrap up correctly, I would advise thermals, a neck warmer and waterproofs. These are key to staying warm and dry within this icicle. From the unearthly waterfalls to the black sand of Vík Iceland is a gem for nature lovers like myself, for your own sake, please move this to the top of your bucket list.


Iceland is known for being a major shooting location for many films / shows including, Interstellar and Game of Thrones. I was almost certain that I was going to bump into a white walker. Fortunately, that didn't happen. On the first day we headed east and saw The Golden Waterfall, this is one of the biggest waterfalls in Europe, you can hear it roar while on the road to it. It is actually quite magnificent. Later that day we met a few locals and learnt how they were using the geothermal heat to grow tomatoes and cucumbers, they were very friendly and even cooked up some tomato soup for us. After this we travelled to a nearby Geyser, I always describe Geysers by comparing them to a boiling hot kettle, when the water reaches boiling point it explodes. (Pssst.. There's footage of a Geyser exploding in the video below)

The south of Iceland is full of unexpected things and literally no people. The weather dropped on that day to about -8 and I was wishing I had that extra layer on. We travelled to a small village called Vík. Here you can see the black shoreline. And definitely make sure you're wrapped up because the closer you get to the shore the colder it gets, but your mind will be blown when you see the black sand. South of Iceland has the best waterfalls I would definitely recommend going south. My initial intention with this trip was to catch a glimpse of the northern lights, and like I mentioned previously the weather can be very unpredictable and throughout the 5 days there I didn't manage to see them once. :( I was very, very gutted. But I will definitely be back soon to hunt them once again. Iceland is a place full of wonders. Glaciers, waterfalls and if you're lucky lava! Just remember to wrap up and you'll be fine!





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