Ideas aren’t exclusive to a few people, they’re accessible to everyone. the difference is that only some of us execute.

Ideas can come at any time of the day, but are we awake to see them? Or do we let them pass us by. Ideas are all good, even the bad ones. Ideas fuel us to wake up each day, they’re a by-product of mental growth and the more we can execute the more we can learn and grow. 

If you’re struggling to produce fresh ideas, write down everything you performed in the day and on that night look over it. And the next day try to do the complete opposite. If you took the bus to work in the morning try walking the next. Force yourself out of your comfort zone. Once we’re out of our comfort zone we start to experience things differently and start to use parts of our brains we hadn’t planned on using in that day. As your brain is functioning alternatively your thoughts will start to take a different pattern and like this you’ve hopped onto a new train of thought allowing for a plethora of fresh ideas. 

Lastly, execution. The execution of ideas can be a daunting task at the time, but its only scary at the start (I promise). Once you get into it and start hacking away at it, it starts to become a special thing. Don’t be afraid to fail. See failures as a lesson, its a matter of how much are you willing to learn, the more you learn the more chance you have at succeeding. So build a chin of steel and roll with the punches. 

ProductivityAdil Dad