Imagine a Child

Imagine this child being in his primary development stages but not fully figured out who he is yet, not figured out his identity but suddenly being thrown into a sandbox of social apps in which he has to create several more identities without being self-aware with the identity that truly matters. These new identities are now put on display amidst thousands of others, where numbers may ultimately determine ones elation. 

Among these sandboxes lie a million notes, with the message to buy, buy and buy some more. they portray a superficial lifestyle where they subtly place their product in, telling them that this is the way to be, when in reality the amounts of ways to be are unlimited.  

The child is developing with a faux sense of reality, these sandboxes act as distractions, the child pops in and out of these sandboxes only giving 20% to each version and ultimately neglecting the true one. It’s no fault of the child’s but perhaps of the previous generation. We’ve identified that these sandboxes come with side effects and are proven to be addicting, yet we embed the child with them from birth.

Have they inherited addiction?

MindfulnessAdil Dad