Leadership can be a tough thing, not everyone possesses the know-how and the will to succeed in this area, sometimes we inherit leadership abilities, sometimes we’re given no choice but to lead a singular or group on. For me the best way to lead is by example. 

I’ve always been a great believer in showing and not telling, unless someone asks, you should tell them how to do a certain thing but if not, show them. Action is the loudest and most influential thing given to mankind. Through actions you can inspire, through actions you can motivate. 

A study: two friends were stuck in a routine of laziness in a particular area, one of the friends broke free from this but didn’t inform the other on how. Instead he continued to make it apparent visually to the other friend that he is free from this, and little by little the other friend followed in his footsteps, freeing himself from a bad habit, just by watching. 

This post isn’t about leading, its about witnessing, so witness. Whether its industry leaders, a peer, or a mentor. Learn good routines this way, learn how to run a business. Above all else, learn how to triumph.

ProductivityAdil Dad