Learning : Working

If you balance this ratio correctly it’ll make for some great pockets in your day where you can experience some downtime, or something similar. I value learning so highly, and I believe the minute we stop learning things, we lose.

To me, learning allows me to move forward, to excel in any given subject matter. And what a crazy world we live in, we have knowledge at our fingertips, literally. Although I’m old fashioned and prefer books, the internet can help for when you want to know quick facts.

The more you learn the more you realise you know nothing. Naive me used to think that learning would finish after uni but it doesn’t, its a journey that I believe we all must take, and we cant let stagnation get in the way of this.


To learn is a pure blessing, I should write a post on that in itself. To end the day knowing more things than you did previously. To broaden horizons is a beautiful thing. 

If its through podcasts, videos or audiobooks go for it. The average audiobook is around 6-8 hours thats about a book a week right? I’m not sure I haven’t done the math but a book a week roughly. So whichever way you please, whichever fits you the best, pursue it.