I used to always have them sort of days where I would feel without energy, without the will to achieve what I had planned throughout the day. It used to annoy me knowing that I could do so much more in the day but would always get a feeling of fatigue coming through, in this post I’ll be sharing a few tips to battle fatigue and become somewhat a master of productivity. 

Its most likely linked to your diet, a lot of things usually are. Be mindful on what you eat. eat less but more of the good stuff is usually the key, a rule I live by is the third rule and is found in a lot of Arabic proverbs; ‘a third of the stomach food, a third water and the last third air’. This will leave you less tired and more active. This will have a cataclysmic effect on your health as a whole as well as just battling lethargy, you’ll feel a lot better and will notice yourself sleeping better too. Getting those water levels up will hydrate the brain allowing you to perform admirably. 

Sleep well, another thing which helps; stop sleeping too much! Over sleeping can leave you feeling tired throughout the day and can also suck up your motivation to do things, if you do find yourself waking up way past your usual time, a good way to battle this is with an instant exercise, go for a run, wall sit or star jump on the spot, I’ve found this to be a great way to jump start the body and trick it to be productive. (Oh, and delete Netflix)

ProductivityAdil Dad