Well it's been quite a while now and I've been looking for the perfect travel wallet to accompany me on my travels to come. By chance, on one day I came across this wallet that has been designed by Bellroy. Bellroy claim that their wallet can hold your passport, 2-8 cards, notes and your boarding pass.

I know that there are plenty of travel wallets already out there on the market but what sets the Bellroy apart from the rest is the fact that it is thin and lightweight even with 4+ cards, spare change and my passport! The wallet even has space for your boarding pass too, if that's not enough, they also include a pen which is handy to fill in those nifty customs forms. I got the wallet in the colour "cocoa". It caught my eye over the other leather colour "midnight" which is an almost black leather.

20140429-053925-pm.jpg 20140429-054109-pm.jpg 20140429-053920-pm.jpg

The leather on this wallet is made from full grain vegetable which is good for the environment too and it still feels like premium leather, having said that. Having used this wallet for about 4 days I started to acknowledge how convenient it is at just holding everything and how easily the leather makes it to slide out of your jean/trouser pocket. Another feature I love on this wallet is its inner pattern, it's not been overdone and it isn't too simple like other wallets.

This wallet can hold so much so, that I started to fold up A4 sheets and placed them into the note holder, and still the wallet didn't give up on its slim profile. This is where the wallet excels the most on its slim profile and just all round practicality. When you inspect the wallet inside, it already contains a passport notebook, This is quite handy because it contains phrases in different languages which I thought was a good touch, so bravo! I hope this wallet serves me well in the years to come because I can see it being something I just can't board the plane without.  Its sleek design to its massive holding capacity makes it a wonder to have and I approve this wallet. Check them out over at www.bellroy.com

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