The Art of Essentialism

What is essentialism? Well it's a way of life, a mindset. We live in a world where we are taught to do more and to never stop, do as much as we can throughout the day and don't look back. An essentialist mindset is where we do more of the things that matter the most. I recently read an article about how doing too much can often leave us stressed and anxious, therefore we have got to do more of the things we truly love rather than doing more of the things we kinda love. It's about working out what we simply can't live without.

worry less, play more.

I recently sat down, took a look at everything I owned in my closet and asked myself "Am I really going to wear this again?" if not, this led me to giving that specific garment away, whereas if I will be wearing it again then I will keep it. This practice of the closet clear out can be applied to our minds and our everyday lives. There are 168 hours in a week, what are these hours contributed to? Your craft? Your family and friends? If these hours are contributed to something of little or no value then you need to withdraw such things from your life. Clear outs both physically and mentally can have a positive effect on the mind. I sieved through all my personal belongings and gave away or sold the things I didn't really need. Ideally I'd like my life to fit into one small carry on but I'm afraid that isn't happening any time soon.

"We regret living our lives based on other people's expectations of us, and we regret spending too much time at work and not enough time with our family and the key friends in our lives. But we can realign our routines now to celebrate that."

While my time on Earth has been short (21 years) I have been asked many questions, none smacked me in the face quite like this one... What's so important that I'd give up everything in order to achieve it? This made me think and each night I was wondering, reflecting upon it until I finally came up with a conclusion. Then as a start I gave up all those nonessential things, even if they're good things, they're not quite essential. A lot of us rely on our phones way too much, in reality we barely need this device. All it brings is distraction, studies show that we check our phones 150+ times a day! This is taking away the play from our lives, the face to face communication we're missing out on. Of course I'm not considering that we go into monk mode and hide away in a mountain far far away, but something I've done recently is made my phone as boring as it can be, for example deleting nonessential apps and turning app specific notifications off. At first withdrawal symptoms will be normal but soon you'll see yourself interacting with the world outside and when you find yourself bored that's a good sign because ultimately your boredom will lead you to think which will then lead to creativity.

I challenge you to try it for a week, at least.

The Wanderer