A company called Knomo invited me over for breakfast in London at one of their stores, I hopped along thought it would be cool. Knomo are a company that design bags for both men and women, some greatly designed bags over there too. I hopped along not really knowing what to expect but I got there and was shown one of their latest designs the Knomad Mini. They were extremely friendly there and showed me around their many greatly designed products. The Knomad Mini is a portable organiser for the iPad Mini, it holds everything from your phone, cards, a pen, room for cables and of course your iPad Mini or any alternative 8" Tablet. This is a really great travel companion in my eyes, I haven't seen many alternatives to this organiser it really does get heads turning. Most of Knomo's products have a simple feel to them and they're so good at keeping things organised. The Knomad is no exception, very high quality fabrics used and an overall premium feel to the whole product, very pleased. I used this organiser for about 2 months and it has stayed strong and still as new.


Knomo have introduced a great new way of finding your lost products and it's called My Knomo ID. This is basically a system where if a person was to find your Knomo bag they would see the Knomo ID which you registered online by entering the code, and from then on they would be able to get your bag back to you. At first I thought that this was some sort of gimmick but I was told that it has been very successful and they have received many lost bags in the past.

Another great thing is that there is also an option to purchase the organiser with an added portable battery pack, this is a great addition and is definitely worth the extra money, because lets face it our batteries are dying every moment of the day and just aren't keeping up with everyday life so this is a perfect option for power users, definitely checkout the Knomad Mini Power.

The Knomad Mini is available in four colours including Black, Sand, Blue and Olive. The Knomad Mini is a great partner to your tablet and travel lifestyle, it's a definite essential in my books. It retails from only £45 with the Knomad Mini Power starting from £119. Click here for product page. Those of you with a larger iPad there is also a version for that coming out soon.

photo[1]I'd like to thank the folks at Knomo for excellent hospitality and for putting up with the dozens of questions asked. If you're in London you should definitely check them out. :)




Thank you. Till next time, Adil. :)

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