So its been around two weeks now since I have moved into the big city and things have been a little hectic, me moving to London is totally what I’m blaming my lack of blogging on ;) Around two weeks ago I was offered a design gig over here in the big city, since as long as I can remember it had always been a dream of mine to work here and so I gladly accepted. I thought I’d write a little update letting you know what this means from now on, well firstly its going to make for a lot more content from me on both the blog and instagram. I’m loving my time here and each day there’s always something going on, as it is early days I’m still getting into the swing of things and I plan on getting a constant blogging regime going, so maybe once / twice a week for now? As I sit here in a tiny cafe writing this short post I just wanna say, don’t stop chasing your dreams.

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