So it's been over a month after the Apple keynote, where Apple announced the Apple Watch, and here I am to share my opinions about it, so here we go... Firstly it's about time (see what I did there?) While other companies have already started shipping  their watches and are into the second generation of them Apple have finally jumped onto the wagon with theirs, its been a long time coming.

The Design.

So after seeing dozens of smart watches this design is nothing special, constructed from stainless steel, aluminium (Apple's favourite material) and an 18-Carot gold version, which certainly looks premium. Curved edges? Perhaps to match the latest iPhones, where the watch really impresses is in its range of straps, each one unique. This has been done before but only with colours, what Apple have done differently is that they've introduced so many different straps which include a link bracelet, leather strap, my personal favourite the milanese loop and the modern buckle.

The watch is available in three different versions, a standard Apple Watch version, an Apple Watch Sport edition for sports enthusiasts includes a tougher build and all that good stuff and finally the Apple Watch Edition version, which is a complete premium watch, I guess the edition models are there to compete with your premium MK watches.

The Watch

The watch comes with many features which include a complete health and fitness companion on your wrist, this means that you'll be able to keep track of every little movement you do throughout the day, such as how many calories you've burned, how much exercise you've performed throughout the day and it also shows how much you've stood up throughout the day. It will even let you know if you've sat for too long and when you'll need to stand and take a walk from your desk. You can then open the Health App on any iPhone and from there you can compare your overall fitness levels. Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 17.12.26

The Apple Watch has the ability to store apps including Passbook, Maps, Calendar, Music and Timer. Also there are dozens of more apps and many apps will be developed in the near future by our favourite developers,  in tandem these apps make the watch a powerful piece of machinery, without them its just another time piece.

Apple have introduced a new navigation system they're calling Digital Crown, this is basically the traditional crown you see on standard watches but Apple have implemented this to control the main features on the watch, in my opinion I think it's a bold move taking something thats already a standard, something that most of us already know how to use and turning it into a navigation function for the watch. This will make the watch feel much more natural to use and not require much of a learning curve.

Check out the full gallery below...

Am I going to be purchasing the Apple Watch? 

Depends on the price, I have a feeling it's going to be fairly overpriced for what it's worth, but then again I'm an Apple fanboy and I may just go for it. The really solid design and the way each one is different to the other is something I'm really looking forward to see. Once I get my hands on one then I'll be able to judge. How about you guys, will you be purchasing one?

Thank you. Till next time, Adil. :)