The Wanderer

Your Comfort Zone.

So I've been wondering over the past few weeks about the effects travelling has on the mind; positive and negative, whether you're travelling across oceans or within the city, does it improve us, change us, reshape us? By travelling we're going against our daily routines, experiencing new things, new cultures, new foods. Being out of your comfort zone is an amazing way to build character, you'll inevitably push your mind to work out things, calculate and second think each decision you make, even if it is the option to choose between the local deli or the more familiar McDonalds.

Travel Phases.

While the plane thrusts into the air, we're sat with our 49cm of legroom (100cm if you're Casey Neistat) thinking, pondering on our lives. What lies ahead? What have I left behind? Did I turn the stove off? You accept that even if there is something left behind there is no chance of reclamation. This leads to a sense of humility,  and then we realise just how small we are, while gazing upon the millions below, we accept that we're just a small cog in an undeniably large instrument. I call this phase 'acceptance',  but we're over it by the time the hostess has brewed the first batch of coffee.

Wired up on coffee we then land, not knowing whats ahead, but brave enough to step out of the plane and into baggage claim. Again, a little nervous as we wait for the conveyor belt to start up. We refresh our Twitter feed, at the same time we hear a whirring sound, the conveyor belt starts up, we're stand dangerously close to it, "all the bags look the same", we mumble under our breath. Then Mr. Smith who was sat across from us on the plane grabs his black suitcase, as we stand there overflowing with envy. Envious but still patient. The conveyor belt begins to move in slow motion and our eyes begin to tear up as we don't want to blink just in case we miss our bag. After grabbing ours we then hop into the nearest taxi/train and try and workout where exactly in the city our accommodation is located, dreading it the whole ride there if we may or may not end up in the right place. this stage is called 'Patience'.

We check in, throw our bags down, lie down on the double mattress which has been lingering on our minds ever since we entered the taxi, we take a moment, breathe it all in, we made it, we're in another place, an alien destination where things are different and anything is possible. Then we freshen up, clean ourselves from all signs of travel, a change of outfit maybe, a fresh new aftershave, all prepared to explore whats out there, this new culture. Ready to face all new strangers and create unforgettable memories with them. Ready to solve all the new problems that face us, whether its working out how to get from A to B or how to perfect 'Thank You' in the foreign language. This phase is called 'Bravery'.

"I'd say that travel can be a fine way to learn humility and how much you don't know" - Pico Iyer.

The Art of Essentialism II

The Art of Essentialism