A Minimised Wardrobe

I get asked all the time how I minimised my whole wardrobe, how I got it to 10 pieces and continue to wear these pieces for as much as a year or so now. (and plan on wearing them for as long as they last) I get that the society we live in sells us so many different types of clothes, everyday there’s a new ‘trend’ this fast fashion is something to stay away from, before you know it you’ll max out cards just to stay ‘in trend’. 

I once sat down and asked myself what purpose do clothes serve. Clothes have been made to a) cover us and b) keep us warm. Being from the North West of England I can tell you that point b) is very critical. By knowing that clothes should be practical this informed my decision when looking out for the 10 items. When picking out items, I aimed for function with a hint of form, it has to sit a certain way on me before purchasing. And had to serve its function well. 

The traveller mentality. This is something I mention in my latest book but I’ll summarise it here very briefly. live as though we’re travelling, and keep no attachments to any materials. Thus making the departure easier. And imagine if we put the same energy into people than we do into our materials. 

Comparison. I’ve mentioned in a previous post how comparison is a very bad thing and I’ll touch on it again, if we’re constantly comparing ourselves this will incite impulse purchases, we will feel a certain way which lead to a certain buy. And we will regret that purchase after about two weeks. 

Fashion is great. Indeed, I still appreciate good design. (Virgil Abloh is inspiring) but when excess is involved consider me unplugged.

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