On Mornings

For me mornings are the perfect space in time to just be me. I can do everything I need to just before it hits 12. I get up around 6, now this took me a while to get into, it didn’t happen straight away. It took some adjusting as my body clock wasn't ready for it. One thing I’d recommend is an actual alarm clock, instead of your phone. And keep it far from where you sleep, so you actually have to get up to turn it off. Being up early can be very powerful if utilised well. 

Keep your work separate. If you get up early, keep the first two hours just for you, firstly, I’ll meditate, work out and then write my journal. These types of tasks are perfect for the mornings. As I've realised I'm more in tune with myself. And then I’ll head into a cafe to start my work.

To me mornings are super special, there’s a different energy in the air. The energy incites productivity, my thoughts seem to be razor sharp and creativity is bubbling. 

‘The devil sleeps in the morning’.

ProductivityAdil Dad