It's been a few months into my essentialist journey now and I've been happy as the way things have unfolded. Everything is calm and relaxed. Owning less has enabled me to do more. And as I've transitioned into a new living space, which is a small room east of London it comes with the essentials; bed, wardrobe, kitchen etc. But soon I plan on moving into a blank space, where I plan on furnishing it from the ground up and as always I've been researching minimal spaces and also  techniques on how to use small spaces to my advantage. I want my new space to have the essentials; bed and a space for clothes and a small desk for my laptop. It's possibly all I need. i'm hoping to consume food by sitting on the floor, sitting on the floor and eating is something which has been passed down through my culture and the essence of it makes things more intimate something which I plan on expressing through my space. This would require some soft floor seating which the guests can use too, I want it to be the perfect place friends / family can come to after a long day in London. I'd like a lot of things to be of natural materials, e.g. clay ceramics and lots of concrete. A lot of it would reflect my personality and I can't wait to get into it. I'll definitely be taking pictures of the place once I've achieved it. For now you guys can get a glimpse into my mood board behind what I hope to achieve with my upcoming space.