Imagine hearing countless voices, simultaneously. All that unwanted noise; different opinions, some good, some bad, most unexpected, but the majority unneeded. Our subconscious isn’t handled to cope with this much noise at once. It's like being in the middle of a circle with everyone talking to you, demanding your attention. ‘listen to me’ ‘no, listen to me’ ‘and me’ it's mentally exhausting. The noise I’m referring to is social media.

how do we turn the volume down, is it possible? I use the internet to share my work, its a great place to reach people, a great place to start a conversation. It starts to become noisy when there’s an excess of it, because of the many accounts we follow.

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 09.51.40.png

 Whenever I’m writing up a journal post, I make sure to quit Twitter and Facebook, I’ll make sure I get rid of all distractions. And this action in itself does require some discipline. I used to find myself opening a new tab and going for a scroll. Now I’ll have my notes window open and jot down whatever is on my mind.


Free yourself from the noise. 

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