I Gave Up My Smartphone

After scrolling on the battery information page on my smartphone, I had a hard reflection on my usage regarding the smartphone as a whole, I was spending hours on certain apps. I had a little think on this. To me the smartphone is a great extension of the internet no doubt, but over the past few years its become an unhealthy addiction for me and many others, whether we want to admit it or not… 

So I’ve been without my smartphone for about a month now and thought it would be a good idea to document my experiences on a journal post. For the most part its been, well, liberating. I’ve gained around six more hours throughout the day to myself which helps with productivity, I’ve been able to write a lot more. In general its a load off the shoulders but within the first few days I noticed myself itching, anxious to refresh a feed or two. But now social media usage is restricted to whenever I’m on the laptop, I’ll upload something written onto the Instagram / Twitter. 

Not having instant access to social apps is a great thing, as restricted usage allows me to be mindful on the type of activity I undertake while using the web version of these apps, instead of scrolling endlessly I find myself uploading valuable content while on there. My whole intention with not having a smartphone was to embrace the power of now, being attentive in the moment. while previously I’d be 60% in the now and 40% inside my black mirror. My attention is in the now.

I transitioned to something called ‘the light phone’. I found this swift little device featured on a design site I follow, and got behind the whole ethos of having a phone that is literally intended to do nothing apart from phone calls. Its designed to be an add-on to the smartphone and to only be used for occasions such as holidays / parties. Where you would forward calls to the light phone and then leave your smartphone at home. I’m using it as a standalone device, its an essential phone which does exactly what I need it to, to call people. To me the smartphone isn't a necessity, it became baggage and using the internet less has its positives, as well as its negatives. For me the positives outweigh the negatives. 

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