Sometimes we can get caught up thinking about either the past or worrying about the future, I think of it as a trap because this may trigger certain emotions and knock us off balance for a period of time, which leads to a recovery time. And staying out of focus isn't healthy for the long run. 

You’ve of course heard the saying ‘live in the moment’ and basically to not sound cliche, we should truly live in the moment. Yesterday passed, and tomorrow isn’t here yet, today truly matters. Start making little differences today which effect the future, engage in good habits and don’t ever look back. Learn from your past and implement whats been learnt into today. 

Reflection windows. When we open up these windows to the past we must be very vigilant and use them only to reflect on how we can improve and make sure we never fall prisoner to the window. And if we do see ourselves falling prisoner, we must remind ourselves that we are in control for our thoughts. The quicker we eradicate the negative thought the better. 

The same works for worries about the future, first remind yourself who has your back then remind yourself that right now in this moment you have the ability, the intellect to secure a great and prosperous future. By utilising now, this moment.

MindfulnessAdil Dad