Whenever I head into the city or something similar I’ll always have my laptop on me, a connection to the internet but the other day I left the house without anything but a book (How to Stop Time by Matt Haig) and this was a weird feeling. A feeling of disconnection but more connected with myself, because I didn’t have access to something which I habitually use, I was treading new ground. It was a brief four hours without Twitter, without the handful voices creating unwelcome noise. It was a brief four hours without any email or any update of sorts. Just my book and a nice (clean) window for me to look out through. 

You should try it sometime, leaving your phone at home is a great way to use the internet less, cutting the internet out as a whole is probably unwise given the world we live in but mindful usage of the internet can be a great thing, one night I sat and listed the things I did on the internet and around 70% of my time on the internet was nonsensical (posh word for nonsense).

I think I’ll be making it a routine to have more internet-less days; everything became new again, I felt like a kid, like I’d just stopped time.

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