Patience & Gratitude

Ultimately these are the qualities I value the most, patience and gratitude can get you through anything. When times are tough we’re patient and when times are easy we’re grateful. We have to balance one with the other, allow these qualities to come first before anything. 

When at times we feel like complaining remember to stay patient and remember what we have, slow down and remember that we have everything we could possibly have so in reality there’s not an ounce in us that's allowed to complain. Patience helps when we’re going through a hardship, its a thorough test, a slow and long winded test. We have got to persist through the hard times, and patience helps with this, above all else your head has to be up, the minute you give in and start to feel sorry for yourself you’re about to lose.

Patience, live in each millisecond, breathe in each one and remind yourself that you’ve got the power to persist. Time isn’t relative when you’re friends with patience, and gratitude will motivate you to work harder.  

To me, gratitude is the key to happiness. Look, look at everything on the table, look beyond the physical and think about how the food has been on the table, everyday since the day we were born. See where I’m going with this? 

We’ve already won. 

MindfulnessAdil Dad