Who You Spend Your Time With

If there’s an element in our lives that we can have control over its certainly the people who we hang around with. The people in our circles have a major influence to how we behave and react as people. Sometimes there are people who are harmful to our wellbeing and we may never know it. It may take some time to identify who that might be. On the bright side there can be people we hang around with who can act as catalysts and help in the transition to becoming who we truly need to be. Find them.

In my opinion the best types of people to hang around with are those who I can discuss ideas with, to bounce ideas off them and allow them to help me execute these ideas and concepts. Also, they’re not afraid to tell you that your idea is complete garbage, or it may form better a certain type of way. I also love the types of people who you can spill your soul to, the ones you can tell anything to and they will not judge but accept you as you. Tell you where you went wrong, and where you can improve. Honesty is key, ensuring that they stay honest to us and we stay honest to them is key in any successful friendship. 

It may take a while but having a strong team is worth it in the end. No matter how long it takes. A team of individuals you can rely on to help you on your journey can be the alternating factor.

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