So if you follow me on instagram you are aware of how I spent my weekend, I caught a last minute plane to Norway, Stavenger Sola to be exact, my goal was to hike the pulpit rock known to the locals as Priekestolen. The pulpit rock has fascinated me ever since I came across it on tumblr, I wondered what it was and started to research into it, it soon became something I really wanted to do and if you read my bucket list you would've seen it on there, well now it should have a strike through it because I climbed that sh*t.


The Pulpit Rock is exactly 604m above sea level and in my opinion one of the most challenging things I've ever done, but lets back up a bit. Getting there wasn't as easy as I'd hoped, because of the late booking i was a little confused on where to go but soon made a plan and followed it. From Stavenger airport we took the bus to the ferry port and from there the ferry to Tau and then a bus to Priekestolen. From then on we checked into the lodge (great customer service by the way!) Our room came with an awesome view of the lake, a lake that I admired and took numerous amounts of photos with. Once we checked in we changed into suitable hiking clothes and made our way to the restaurant to fuel ourselves for the hike. The hike is a maximum of 4 hours, two up and two down but this was increased because we spent far too much time taking pictures of the beautiful surroundings. We were half way up and the time was 8:43pm while we continued our way up the sun started to set, this was a major problem as it would be almost impossible to see therefore it would lead to injures or even death! :( We did the right thing and we turned back, and planned to hike the rock again first thing in the morning. Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 22.04.33The next morning arrived and my legs were still sore after the first attempt, firstly I grabbed breakfast straight after I headed up again determined to complete it, my second attempt at the rock was a lot warmer and water would be vital for the way up, it was only after half way I realised that I had dropped my flask containing the only water I had, this wasn't a major concern as there was clean water most of the way up. I continued on and there it was finally the reason I came all this way, the rock was there staring at me, 604m above sea level and looking tall as ever, at first I was scared to stand on the top because it was actually quite daunting! After a while (about 6 mins) I finally conjured up the courage to stand toward the edge and some super chill guy offered to take my pictures.



Even though it's challenging I would recommend the rock to anyone of all ages its simply something you must to especially for those thrill seekers! I also attempted zip-lining which was a first for me, and just wow its probably one of the best things I've done just so amazing! I have some footage of that in the video below, be sure to watch it (It took ages to edit). Thank you. Till next time, Adil. :)

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