We all have them days when we are completely out of focus, maybe even feel like doing absolutely nothing. We might even get up a little later than usual. Netflix and food may seem attractive. In this post I’ll write a few tips on how to refocus and get your A game back. 

Remind yourself of the long game, remind yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing. Why it matters, and how laziness will affect your long game. Take 20 minutes off the internet to re-energise and refocus. Tell yourself why you started. Find whats distracting you, write it down and battle it with a short task like journalling, cooking or cleaning. Start doing short tasks to release the chemicals in your body and then move onto the meat and bones. 

Another way to kick-start your engine is by doing exercise, go for a run or workout wherever you can, make sure it's intense and make sure you’re out of breath for a (long) while. This has proven to give a boost throughout the day, also a quick tip on this if you’re considering it, go out and do it. Don’t ponder on it for too long because your brain will literally start to think of other things you can do. So it has to be like this; idea to run enters your mind, go put your shoes on. There should be nothing in between. 

One thing to remember is, as soon as you feel this type of day coming along you have to take action as quickly as possible. Seriously. 

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