A lot of us have our own little rituals in our daily lives, I thought it would be a good idea to share some of mine.

Walking - to me, walking is a great way to generate ideas, its something that has always been a major factor in my life and each day I’m making sure that I take at least a 20-minute walk somewhere, anywhere. It's a time when I unplug and allow my surroundings to talk to me. Allow them to fuel me whether its story ideas, poetry ideas or design ideas. Walking has a lot of physical benefits too along with mental benefits, for example walking has been proven to improve your mood, and your coordination. One thing i always love to do is walk and talk, getting to catch up with one of your friends while taking a walk can be such a blessing, one of my favourite social. 

Tea and a good book before you sleep- something I always do before sleep is have a nice warm cup of tea, sorry if you’re not a tea drinker but the effects this has on the brain in my opinion are amazing and definitely something I always advise to friends / family. Its something which will also put you into that zen mode, ready for a great nights sleep. I always plan on getting around 20 minutes of reading in before I sleep too. Maybe a novel or something soft, nothing too thought provoking, the trick is to not stimulate the brain as it’ll make it a lot tougher to fall asleep before hand, but something soft doesn’t really matter. 

No screens before bed - I'm starting to get into the habit of no screens before bed as the light emitted from the screens isn’t healthy, a good trick is to not keep your technology in the room or at least don’t keep it near your bed. The light emitted from the screens restrains the production of melatonin, the hormone which controls your sleep cycle, this will result in you finding it hard to fall asleep, I’m not fully into the habit yet, it's quite weird not having the ability to refresh your twitter feed before you sleep but I'm sure its worth it in the long run. (before you ask, buy an alarm clock).