Low self-esteem can sometimes be an issue, there may be sometimes when we’re just not feeling it and times when we’re fired up. Low self-esteem may stem from a fear of rejection or fear of failure. Every time someone has asked me how to battle low self esteem I’ve never really had an answer. For me, I've learnt over a period of years how to have a battle it but recently I came across a method which can help you battle adversity which in turn helps your self esteem. 


I was listening to a podcast and one of the speakers on there (Tim Ferris) mentioned the 10% method, so it basically goes like this, the next time you’re buying coffee ask for 10% off when its time to pay. After hearing this I couldn’t wait to put it into practice. Its a way to confront your self-esteem head on and is a viable method which forces us out of our comfort zone. 

What you’ll soon realise is that getting turned down is a good thing, because the more you ask for it the more it truly doesn’t really matter, its what I call a micro issue. Where you don’t really have anything to lose.

And slowly you'll begin to realise in our real lives that there are a lot of issues similar to this which we allow to meddle with our self-esteem but in the end they really don't matter.

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