The Art of Self Sufficiency

Living alone has taught me how much I truly took for granted. It has also taught me that I probably wouldn't survive without the several thousand YouTube cooking tutorials...

If you don't know, this is my first time living away from home, the university I studied at was located only 30 minutes away from my house so I didn't need to move away for that. While living alone I'm learning things very quickly about what it takes to become truly self succificent. Time. Timing is key and allocating a time slot for things such as washing, cooking and cleaning is needed. By doing this you'll know how much time you have for you, which leads me on to my next point. You. While living alone I'm mostly not at home, if that makes sense, I'm always out exploring London, and looking for the next wild exhibition or award-winning coffee shop. At first I rarely got time to stop and breathe the city in. I was always waking up to get ready for work, not waking up and having time for myself. This has led to me starting my day much earlier just to take that time needed for activities such as my meditation and prepping food for the day ahead. 

One of the best pieces of advice I was given was to not lie in (thanks, Zuby). Ok, so the place I work at have a 4 day week with Wednesdays off, and on my first Wednesday off I managed to lie in till 11am, you might be thinking "geez, Adil it isn't that late" but it had a subtle impact on the tasks that needed to be completed during the day, e.g. keeping things organised and cooking, the whole day was turned on its head because I required a few more hours sleep.

Budgeting. Yes, living in London isn't cheap, with the highest cost of rent in the whole world budgeting is key. I keep budgeting very very simple. Firstly, always always make sure you're spending less than you're making. This sounds so obvious but its as simple as that. My first week was full of laziness and rarely eating in, I always opted for the easy choice of eating out. As unhealthy and easy this could be it can get very expensive, quickly. And before you know it you're over budget. This leads me to my next point, control. Self control is key as you need to be in control of your choices, specifically your spending choices. As tempting as that AllPress pour-over coffee (Ethiopian grind) sounds, it may just not be convenient when on a budget. Treat yourself, but only after you've done something to deserve it. Plus, remember than when you need milk, get up and get it (this can be interpreted in many ways).

An Introvert. As this is the nature of who I am I tend to thrive and work better when I'm alone. It gives me space and time to think and this also perhaps why I find it very easy to live alone and actually enjoy it way more than I probably should. I rarely socialise and spend most of my time working on my book and blog. While living alone you'll be able to identify if you're an introvert or not. 

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