A Simple Workflow

So recently I did something which boosted my productivity by about 50% and that was clean. Both digitally and physically; I cleaned my workspaces, which allowed me to streamline my workflow and be much more efficient. 

I started by working through my own files on my laptop, created folders and sub folders for each thing, I even went as far as renaming each file, so they sit in order. Making it easy to locate exactly what I need without scouring for hours. I then managed to work through my notes app which was a complete disaster, I had so many random unneeded notes. So I decided to cleanse. Overall it took about 45 minutes to clean the whole thing, (I then cleaned the screen of my laptop as it had a few finger prints on it). 

The next morning I opened my laptop to get some work done and by knowing exactly where things were it allowed for a streamlined workflow. You’ll begin to notice that everything takes less steps than it previously did, its sort of like clearing out your brain indirectly, there’s so much more freedom and I also noticed increased focus as I’ve cleared the distractions. 

A mentor of mine once told me. "If you see yourself doing the same more than once, find a way to automate." 

tip: clear out your dock apps to only the most used

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