A Quick Take On Social Media

I get asked a lot regarding social media detoxes and if they work, my answer is usually why? Why do you want to be free from these apps whats annoying you specifically? Once you find out what that is then you’re on your way to using these apps the right way. 

I remember a time without all of this, the internet etc. All that free time to go outside and kick a football or maybe have a BBQ? But since social media time sort of seems hard to come by and could it be due to the many timelines we’re presented with, which makes our true timeline seem less valuable? As we’re presented with more than one does this make us value them all equally when we should just be valuing the single true timeline the most?  

Since I gave up my phone last year I’ve certainly freed up some time in my life, things have started to slow down I find myself reading a lot more, I can manage to complete a book within a week which still, now, is kind of lightweight in terms of reading. But I do believe its a step in the right direction. 


The Audit

I sometimes still find myself scrolling through Twitter or Pinterest on my Mac and wonder how I got there. It truly is kind of the perfect escape, its the perfect way to waste 15 minutes or so thought the day. This made me take a step back and wonder if I’m truly gaining anything from scrolling and plot twist: nothing at all.  

Then why? Why are we scrolling? Is it to get away from real life for a few moments, I mean who wants to adult right? Having done something for a few years it can be hardwired into our brains and the habit can be almost impossible to let go of. The creation of mobile devices has made it second nature to scroll. Escapism inside our pockets. 


Self Discipline

It can take some self-discipline to log out, to put your device away for a few moments but we all know how easy it is to access these apps / websites. There’s almost no getting away from them. I once had a thought about the design of the iPhone home screen and wondered why it hasn’t changed in forever. I have a theory that its due to its simplicity, the apps are literally one tap away once unlocked, they’re right there for us to indulge. Unlike other operating systems it can take a few more taps for you to access them. 

Once we make things harder to access the desire for it becomes less attractive, and easier to fight off. For example, if we’re conscious that there’s junk food in our kitchen we’re more inclined to indulge whereas if we have to walk to the corner shop it requires more steps and we would end up saving ourselves for the day. 

Once you have a system in place to keep you off these apps, its only then that you will see the fruits appear. Time has to be spent working on our passions and if progress has not been made only ourselves are to blame. Accountability is the biggest slap on the face (ever). 



So once all the prerequisites are in place its time to now ask the question of why? Every time you want to log on. Why do you want to do this? If you’re eager to see what someone is up to then know that it could incite comparison which may alter your mood for the rest of the day. If you have certain accounts which offer inspiration or a breath of fresh air I guess its ok but audit and find books of the same genre.

I don’t want to be anti social media because I myself use social media on a daily basis, but I am aware that there’s an addiction within our society that needs to be self moderated.

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